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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Place, Tribe, and Being Pathologically Altruistic on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast

We sacrificed quite a bit when we moved from being paleolithic hunter gatherers.  We tend to focus primarily on what we gave up health-wise, since by starting to replace good wild game meats and gathered vegetables and fruits with low nutrient foods like grains and other such foodstuffs we not only became smaller and weaker, we became subject to many diseases.  

It has been a long time coming, and so slowly that we think it natural, but as most of us now know- by reintroducing ourselves to a diet more in keeping with that of our paleo ancestors, we can largely restore our health!  Most of you know the drill by now: wild caught seafood, grass fed meats, pastured butter, cheese, cream and eggs, vegetables and some fruits.  Exercise briefly and intensely as did our ancestors, and forge deep ties with our ‘tribe’; meaning family, friends, church members, and with your neighbors.  Spend time daily outdoors in nature, walking and communing with the natural world.

But I believe one thing is very overlooked in the modern paleo movement: 

The Importance of PLACE!

Of all things in the ancient past, the primacy of place- of your homeland- runs paramount to pretty much all else.  Our ancestral tribes, and I mean all ancestral tribes, lived amongst others very like them genetically.  Attackers were the other, and by evolution we were chosen to distrust those others- those with other languages, customs, gods, and religions.  Even those tribes that did not think as we did- either because they had chosen vastly different paths and worldviews- or because their intellects, chosen for by their own environments, were much weaker and less capable.  

Some environments did not put much value in developing intelligence, and in fact those peoples developed more physical abilities that would help them in the hunt with low technology.  Things like running faster, jumping higher, throwing farther; along with breeding in much greater numbers, since most offspring in those societies died off young from malnutrition and disease.  

I recently heard of a theory that makes quite a bit of sense to me:  those people who lived in the north, during the great ice age, only were able to survive by cooperating.  This would have been the ancient Europeans and certain Asian groups.  Their surviving members would have been selected for by their willingness and able ness to work together, and to sacrifice for one another in the tribe.  

Those races and groups from warmer, softer climes would have gone on warring endlessly, as they had always done- that was their evolutionary selection pressure, not working together and getting along as a large group.  And that worked fine for them- as long as they stayed in their own, ancestral lands!

Enter the modern world, with endless inferior foodstuffs, big crowded cities, and above all- world wide transportation, able to move people from various continents into our own northern latitudes in a matter of hours!  Along with this, imagine our own, European people; folk who evolved to have altruism in a high degree.  A strong urge not only of compassion for others, but an almost pathological altruism that compels some of us to sacrifice our own welfare and actual long-term existence to groups of ‘others’.  

When I say pathological altruism, I am referring especially to our huge, European white countries massive welfare states.  A system set up to help our own tribe’s most helpless people, where we care for our own.  When we are misguided enough to import massive amounts of the other tribes from around the globe, and then to support them by taxing and taking from our own tribesmen and women- why, this is pathological altruism!  And the least thoughtful among us fall for their ancient urge, which in the modern setting has become self-suicide.  

It is our task to bequeath our ancestral European homelands to our children, and to their offspring forever.  We built our many nations ourselves, during the long years of Western Civilization, that long climb upwards into what is undeniably the greatest accomplishments of the world.  It is not even our right to throw that away- to give our tribal homelands to our enemies, and to the least able people in the world instead of our own descendants.  Only pathological altruism can incline us in that direction, and if we use our reasoning skills that we developed also during the harsh years of the ice age, we can see that clearly.

And so, besides caring for our own tribe, we also need to protect our territory at all costs.  I hope you have chosen a good place to live, with people like yourself surrounding you.  Diversity is not our strength, and it is definitely NOT PALEO living!  Live amongst your own kind.

Many years ago, I chose to live in a place with a homogenous population of folks very much like me- same heritage, same values.  Teutonic and Alpine- German and Norwegian.  It has always been the best decision of my life.  And I would encourage you to make a similar decision- live amongst people like yourself.  Don’t be uncivil to other races and tribes, but also do not be a victim.  Let them provide for themselves and theirs, and you for you and yours.  If they are not as capable as you are, well just remember- it is not your fault.  Charities are there for a good reason, and that is what you should donate to of your own free will- charity.  

The government is not a charity- it is coercion, it is a king, and emperor that takes and gives to who he desires.  This is tyranny, and was very far from our ancestral, European paleolithic ideals.  This is what we strive to be free of, and we have been for a long time- let’s not slip backwards into oblivion.

So, choose a good, rural place.  There are many, and cities are like Rome- the opposite of Paleo, and the height of decadence.  Just look at any of our major cities, really look.  Crime is rampant, quality of life is abysmal, the schools are awful (just try to find a student who is even literate in any major US city), and the air, water, and food are toxic, overall.

Look around- do the locals look like you, talk like you, think like you?  If so, that might be your place!  And, if you are black or Asian or Middle Eastern- do the exact same thing.  You will only be happy, fulfilled, and your true, paleolithic tribal self it your are: living amongst your own tribe!  Otherwise, you will always be blaming those others for anything that happens to you.  

Take charge of your own destiny!  “Up you mighty race, accomplish what you will!”  This quote by black leader Marcus Garvey can apply to any race.  Build your own Wakanda, black people!  There is lots of undeveloped and underdeveloped land in the US, particularly in the south east. 

 And, if any group does not want to live in tribal communities with others of their own, God bless them as well.  They can live with acquiescing people of other races; not with others forced to integrate through section 8 HUD governmental housing.  It is beneath any race to live as governmental beggars, living off of the dole of pathological altruists like packs of dogs hanging around a primeval tribe.  Independence is key for self respect, and for the very self-actualization of a people.

And if this is not an option, if you can’t provide or won’t provide for you and yours, then it is up to us, your pathologically altruistic hosts- to insist that you return to your ancestral homelands where you evolved to fit in.