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Monday, November 26, 2018

Cure Athlete's Foot with a HAIRDRYER! pqtd podcast

I know- this seems hare-brained: cure fungus disease like athlete’s foot with a hairdryer?  

I rarely get athlete’s foot, but I have gotten it, periodically.  Along with jock itch, which is basically the same thing, but worse.  At least, more embarrassing, that is… it looks silly to be scratching your feet, but your crotch?  Trust me, you don’t want to be in that situation.

And now, you don’t have to, ever again.  Sometimes, technology can be completely beneficial.  Even paleo folks need to drop their flint tools (you know I’m joking here, right?), and pick up a product of modern, paternalistic, White Western Civilization!  In fact, that is what most of the world does, on a daily basis, if they have the option- Avail yourself of White Western Civilization!  For that is what it truly is, and now that we are being demonized by the Leftists all around us, I find it makes sense to stress that virtually all modern tools that make our lives far better are the products of White Western Civilization.

OK, that being said and stressed, let’s talk about how to properly use such a Western tool:  I have always avoided using a hair dryer, thinking that that was just for women and metrosexuals; you know, kind of effeminate.  I mean, who cares about having their hair just so….  

But, it turns out that to use a hairdryer (I got one for $10 at Wal-Mart) to dry not only your hair to go out into sub-zero weather without freezing your drenched hair and winding up with the flu- but to dry between your toes, and your privates, is one of the healthiest, most pro-active things you can do to avoid fungus infections!

Also, it is healthier for your scalp, as well.  Just to dry your hair, but don’t overdo it and overdry- that can hurt your scalp- but to just dry it quickly and effortlessly, with a dry heat- wow- it works so easily.  Also, I have noticed that running that dryer not only warms a chilly post-shower bathroom right up, it also defogs the mirror, instantly.  

I know, these are all side-effects, but note that they are all good!  

Not to belabor a point, but I can’t resist: All of the fruits of Western Civilization are ultimately Beneficial!  

I guess I am counteracting here the endless pronouncements I am hearing on the Left, about how White Western Civilization is BAD.  It is not, not in any way, shape, or form.  Our primitive, European ancestors, once inbred with the Neanderthals with their larger brains and more peaceful natures, went on to create Western Civilization, which has become the shining light on a Hill of the entire globe.  

I am proud of my tribe, and have every right to be.

But lately, in popular culture, it has become fashionable to hate ourselves, to wish the extermination, the replacement of white people of European descent.  This is madness, especially as it has been coming largely from white people themselves!  

Of course, these are people who are wealthy, who desire to be fashionable above all else, including rational thought, and who put emotion in to the place where compassion should be melded with reason- but they exclude the reason.

Hence, they wind up living as “limousine liberal Leftists”: those who espouse to replace our white, evil race with other, darker tribes- the same ones our ancestors labored for centuries to conquer and displace from the lands that we built.  But, universally, these Hypocrite Liberal Lefties all live in totally white, exclusive neighborhoods.  

Hypocrites are like fungus.  They live in the dark, nether regions of our body politic.  And, like athlete’s foot, you just need a tool of Western Civilization to destroy them- like a light of reason in the world of thought and politics.

Or a hairdryer, to destroy them between your toes, or on your crotch!