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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Don't Take Statins- Eat Sardines Instead!

I know, that sounds a bit strange, to say the least- give up an incredibly popular and overprescribed drug  and eat a small fish instead- what??

My point is this: the modern, 1970’s based medical establishment, which is totally drug based, has been enlisted to force feed us all lots of statins and other drugs, and for what?  PROFIT.  That is the bottom line!

Profits from statin drugs are approaching 1 TRILLION dollars.  It is the most profitable of all drugs sold, and so is being pushed beyond belief by their salesmen and women: doctors and the profit driven clinics they work for! 

Just like high blood pressure guidelines, which were recently lowered to a point where virtually everyone, including healthy teenagers are now diagnosed with “high blood pressure”, (and so need to be prescribed medications sold by the big drug companies and the doctors)- so too cholesterol guidelines have also recently been lowered!  What a surprise: now everyone needs statin drugs as well!  Including teenagers, but especially anyone older than, oh, 30 or so….

What a load of crap!  No one would accept this obvious used-car salesmanship technique, unless you’ve been brainwashed into believing that anyone who is a medical doctor is kind of close to godhood, and knows such arcane knowledge unattainable to all of the rest of us that he knows we need these drugs! 

The ones he has for sale.  Or else you will be irresponsible, and die…

Not one word about changing your diet and lifestyle, about getting out into nature and destressing on a daily basis- about eating a grain free, paleo diet with loads of vegetables and severely limiting sugars.  About daily exercise, Perfectly Paleo natural exercise, along with walking barefoot and stretching.  Nope- DRUGS are the ANSWER!!   

Just ask Elvis.  Drugs- ‘better living through chemistry’- sure worked out well for him!  He died at 42, and he had a profound respect for M.D.’s and their knowledge and prescriptions.  His own personal doctor, kept on staff for him, was Dr. Nick. When Elvis died at age 42, he was on a strict regimen of pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by his doctor!  Very responsible, however: the drugs he was prescribed were the cause of his dying at the age of 42.

Elvis followed the medical advice of his day.  This was 1977, probably the year when most of your current doctors got their diplomas… They were only following the science of their time, and the same ‘science’ that most doctors go by today.  Lots of drugs, diet doesn’t matter, just avoid fat and eat lots of carbs…

This is the lifestyle that killed Elvis Presley at the age of 42!  Do you really want to continue with that failed advice, here 41 years into the future, a future that had rediscovered the ancestral, or Paleo diet, and the wisdom and Weston Price?  The far more current science that supports this ancestral knowledge, and that would recommend eating a real foods diet, complete with wild caught, head-to-tail seafood like sardines, rather than popping statin pills that enrich the medical clinics, but leave you sicker and in pain?  Really, is that what you want, Elvis the second??

I love Elvis Presley’s music, mostly the early stuff when he was young, undrugged, and living a blue collar, healthy lifestyle of physical exertion.  That was his heritage, but he gave it up by listening to the medical doctors. 

Don’t you be the same!  Treat yourself: eat sardines instead of statins.  Throw their prescriptions out the window, and consume real, healthy foods instead of drugs!  Go in the sunshine, don’t use sunscreen, and exercise naturally- not endless cardio for hundreds of miles, but doing pushups and self-resisted movements; things that build real muscle along with healthy flexibility! 

Concentrate on building your gut microbiome, those gut bugs that make us healthy and that are killed by drugs and horrible herbicides like Roundup!  Avoid grains, and keep your carbs low overall, and make an effort to get fermented foods like Kefir and yogurt with viable cultures into your diet- naturally fermented pickles and sauerkraut!  It’s really not that complicated, you just need to ask your grandmother or grandfather. 

But, if they are no longer available to you- well, just ask me: PaleoJay-  I can be your 66 year old virtual grandfather!!

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