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Thursday, July 26, 2018

How to Save your Health and Wellness- FOREVER! Paleo Quick tip of the Day podcast

I have been thinking about this a lot lately: how to make a paleo, ancestral, healthy lifestyle easily understandable.  

Because, once you start into “LIFE”: well, the options are endless!  You can always ‘improve’, or make better- heck, I have been doing these podcasts for almost 9 years, and I discover things every day to tweak my ancestral lifestyle, to make it better and more productive.  And I have been doing it for a long time…

But for a novice, someone who just has been living a normal lifestyle, eating Doritos and cereal daily, basically just eating and doing whatever they want to for  a long while- What should they do to get on the health and wellness track??

The answer is surprisingly simple, really.  Whether you are 18 or 80, the first piece of advice I would give you is this-


I know, that’s a deal breaker for most people, but truth is tough to ignore.  If you follow “conventional medical advice”, you will do some really stupid, non-scientific things:

1. You will eat a low fat, high carb, and high sugar diet

This despite the fact that all modern research proves conclusively that FAT is both beneficial and harmless, containing many nutrients necessary for health, CARBS are basically the same as sugar, and so should be severely limited- and that SUGAR IS THE REAL PROBLEM- NOT FAT!!

Sugar and its twin, carbs in the form primarily of grains, and again primarily of wheat are the culprits, utterly destroying our guts, hearts and arteries, and are what is truly making us all fat and sick.  It seems simplistic, but it really is that simple: 

Grains, mainly in the form of wheat, bread and pasta
are making us FAT, SICK, and nearly dead!

They also, and this is the real deal- they make us horribly susceptible to autoimmune diseases, by causing us to have “leaky guts” that compromise our immune function.  This is the bottom line, really- this is what makes me evangelistic about all of this!

Because the truth is that, if you eat grains as most all Americans do, at virtually every meal- cereal for breakfast, toast and sandwiches, and then spaghetti and pizza, over and over and over, day after day-  not only are you assaulting your gut with GMO wheat, loaded with the chemical glyphosate: you are also attacking your body with a foodstuff with not only almost nothing in the way of nutrients- but you are also compromising your gut with chemical invaders, a grain species that has been actually enhanced by modern manipulations that were intended to enhance production of grains….

But actually resulted in Franken- Grains that are uniquely SUITED to DESTROY YOUR INTESTINAL LINING!

I have lived for about a decade with folks that laughed, that  pooh-poohed, that thought that this was utterly ridiculous!  They ate their “healthy, whole grains”, their “low fat dairy and vegetable oils”, while running long distances, doing long aerobic sessions in lieu of sensible strength training, and slathered themselves with sunscreen if they ever even went outside!  

They went to the doctor repeatedly, just to be “checked”.  The universal result?  They needed medication- LOTS OF IT!

They went to doctors that ignored the Hippocratic Oath: First Do No Harm.  

These same doctors prescribed lots of drugs: statins, blood pressure medicines, and many others.  They stressed again the low fat diet, the importance of lots of carbs, especially loads and loads of wheat, corn, and skimmed milk at every meal!

For your information: wheat, corn, well, any carb is sugar.  And skimmed milk, i.e. milk skimmed of its beneficial, vitamin laden fat is- SUGAR.  

And, here is the bottom line of this polemic: SUGAR IS THE SCOURGE OF THE MODERN DIET!

Wheat has the unique evil ability to compromise our guts, so it is enemy #1!  

Eliminate Wheat!!

Sugar, both in the form of carbs such as bread (wheat), and in its basic form of just sugar, candy, Twinkies, whatever is- PURE EVIL, not to be to strong about it!

FAT has never been the enemy, far from it.  Fat has been vilified over and over, but it is carbs and sugar that have ruined the American’s intestines, made us susceptible to autoimmune disease, destroyed our heart health, and also- ironically- made us FAT!!

Fat has never been the enemy.  Sugar and Carbs have been the enemy!  Conventional Medical Advice has been the enemy- they have ignored real science for decades, instead embracing and espousing Fake Science from the medical orthodoxy, which is just that of the big Pharmaceutical Companies:

Take more drugs!  

Western Medicine has been left in the trash heap of history- Hippocrates is rolling over in his grave!  

Here is what old Hippocrates would say now, just as he did back in 500 BC: 

Let Food Be thy Medicine
And Medicine Be thy Food

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see anything in that about modern medicines that block natural responses to problems in the veinous system such as blood pressure, or lowering natural systems of healing such as raising cholesterol to heal-

I think the basic wisdom of the Paleo Diet is that it tried to restore ancient, ancestral, paleolithic wisdom about health and wellness, and also about life and fitness itself!

Eat and Move like our ancestors did

Ignore Modern “Experts”

Use your Common Sense:  
BE Autonomous- read, digest, and explore current science
Pay NO ATTENTION to modern “accepted dogma” unless backed by current science


It’s really not- sorry- it’s dogma, scientism if you will- science that was accepted back when your doctor was in medical school 30-40 years ago.  

In other words: WRONG!  

Be your own doctor.  Pay attention to what makes sense, what works and what doesn’t.  Listen to podcasts (like mine!), and others- make your own decisions.  
Never listen to just one opinion, like your brainwashed, paid-off, drug-incentivized M.D.  Your health is at stake!!