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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Black Nights Matter!

This is the true iteration of this endless plea, and is one that actually makes sense!  Black Lives Matter means very little indeed.  But Black Nights Matter- well, this is important stuff.

If you are sleeping in a room with windows that let light into your bedroom, you probably have no idea that this is one of the most pernicious things that you can do to your health.  For hundreds of millions of years, our ancestors have had light only within the window provided by nature- from dawn til dusk! 

But now, mostly within the past few decades, and increasingly since we started staring at screens, computer, phone, and tablet- all emitting tons of blue light- with is the light that is supposed to jar us awake in the morning- we are subjected to this stimulus not only in what is supposed to be waking hours- but late into the night as well!

Many people have taken this still further, setting their TV’s on timers, so they fall asleep to the blue light emitter that is tv, as their body is attempting to fall asleep.  Talk about upsetting the circadian rhythms!!  Just imagine how upsetting, how confusing this is to our inner ‘clock’, something that has been inviolate since before the time of Christ.  Our health, overall, can only suffer in a huge way.

Some of the most serious potential problems associated with chronic sleep deprivation are high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure or stroke. ... Chronic sleep deprivation can even affect your appearance. Over time, it can lead to premature wrinkling and dark circles under the eyes.   If sleep deprivation goes on long enough, for perhaps a couple of weeks: the result is death.  After only 48 hours your body goes into ‘micro-sleeps’, where it sleeps despite your best efforts, even while you try to remain awake.  (You’re not, really, for stretches where you might appear to be).

The bottom line is this: if you are staying up late at night, watching TV or your computer or phone, you probably are feeling virtuous- “Hey- I’m getting all of this work done!” 

You’re not.  You are screwing yourself out of health, just as much as if you skipped exercise or eating well!  More, actually!  Sleep is crucial to health and wellness- not to mention fitness.  You need a regular schedule of good nights of sleep, as much as scheduled exercise, or good daily nutrition!

I hope you realize at this point that the whole point of ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a political stunt- nothing to pay any attention to at all, if you are a thinking, rational person- it is pure propaganda of the basest source.  It just made a good headline!  And probably, if those fake ‘leaders’ who so espoused this ‘movement’ would get enough good sleep, they would realize how nonsensical their points really were.

But my own point is nonetheless perfectly valid and important: 

Get good sleep!  Every night- black out your windows with curtains, get to bed early, and try to maintain this, day after day- get to bed early, get up early! 

So much of the Paleo Prescription is just good-old grandmotherly advice: get up early- exercise every morning, eat a big breakfast, a big lunch and a light supper.  Spend time with your family in the evenings, ala ‘Little House on the Prairie’- play fiddle or other music, sing and dance, and otherwise connect with your family and tribe!   Pretend you live in the wonderfully successful Small Town Americana that has been so unfortunately discarded and denigrated by the Left. 

Paleo Life was enshrined in Small Town Living of the early 20th century.  It was ancestral in so many ways, and when that lifestyle was discarded in favor of ‘modernism’, America lost her heart and soul!  Norman Rockwell was thrown on the trash heap as outdated, and racist…

This was the discarding- orchestrated by the evil, socialist, Marxist LEFT: a planned outcome, one that not only cast aside the proven ideals and ethics of Conservatism- but also threw aside the proven maxims of tribal living, like:

Two Parent Families
Self- Sufficiency
Tribal (Local) Government, not BIG Government
Health and Wellness done within the FAMILY, not in Big Medicine environments

I  could go on, and on, for a long, long time.  But for that, you need to listen to all of my podcasts! 

Just remember now that, you need to sleep 8 hours each night!  After that, diet and lifestyle matter- but not until you understand that :

Black Nights Matter!!

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