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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Vitamin K and K2

K2 is the forgotten vitamin.  

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K2 is the forgotten vitamin.  Vitamin K, or vitamin K 1 is better known, and helps with blood clotting.  You can get it from leafy greens, and certainly should!  Drinking your green paleo smoothie will satisfy this requirement, no problem.  Also, eating a big salad each day will take care of it, along with other nutrient requirements.

K2 HOWEVER is the “politically incorrect” vitamin, and it is incredibly important!  K2 is from animal products mainly, foods like liver, egg yolks, salami, and butter.  See why it is not politically acceptable?  Under the old, obsolete paradigm from the 1970’s K2 sources are “heart attacks on a plate”!  But you know what?

They are the opposite.  These critical sources of K2 are what determine, within your body, where you calcium is located in the body.  If you don’t have enough; if you are on a misguided low fat, low calorie diet that eschews animal fat sources such as cheeses, butter and eggs- why then your body has insufficient K2.  This master nutrient, which would put calcium in the right place when available, will leave your body scrambling!

Calcium deposits will be thrown about willy-nilly in your body without K2- instead of putting them into your bones, they will wind up in your arteries, causing atherosclerosis or “hardening of the arteries”.  This is what heart attacks are made of!  Cholesterol consumption, by the way, has nothing to do with it!  So eat these high fat, high nutrient foods!

What else can eating these delicious, high fat and high K2 foods do for you?  Besides reducing heart attack risk?

Build strong bones, instead of plaque coated arteries
Reduce cancer risk, especially prostate cancer by a significant amount.  63%!

K2 also helps dramatically with skin health and hair health, not to mention reducing all cancer risks dramatically.

The lack of K2 in our diets is another fallout from the misguided idea that we should be “eating less fat” and less calories overall.  Less fat in our diets via grass fed meats and pastured dairy may look good on paper- but that was from information from decades ago, before we even knew about K2!  

Don’t be a Luddite.  Go with modern science, not retro-science from the 1960’s and 70’s- high fat natural food sources like pastured meats, poultry and dairy are not only acceptable in our diets- they are absolutely critical!  

Move more, eat less
Is B.S.

Sure, we all need to move.  But we sure don’t need to eat less; especially less of nutrient dense foods like those high fat ones I mentioned previously,  

I see the current mentality as being like this: I should eat as little as I can, and really low fat.  Calories are so important, and less is better!  I need to burn as many calories as I can, each day, and eat as few as I can.  Where those calories come from is meaningless- whether a piece of grass fed beef, a slice of white bread, or a Snicker’s bar- a “calorie is a calorie”!  Then, I will be slim, healthy, and happy!

Again- BS- that is a prescription for disaster, resulting in semi-starvation, binge eating, mood disruptions, and becoming prone to cancer and heart disease, not to mention skin problems and hair loss.  What is attractive about that??

Just eat good fats.  Meats and cheese, pastured butter and egg yolks.  Liver!  Your mind will be satisfied and happy, as will your body, which will figure out it is not “starving”, and will burn calories on high, happily and with gusto!  Your arteries will clear of plaque, and your whole system will have what it needs to build health from the inside out!  

Drugs be damned.