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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Emu Oil and Paleo


Just when you think you’ve got the ancestral, paleo type of diet pretty much all figured out- another wrinkle appears!
Actually, this is part of what is so really cool about paleo, it is an endless road of discovery. Your typical medical doctor thinks he has it all figured out: what he learned in medical school 30 years ago is all he needs to know…
Of course, he is dead wrong, and if you follow his advice, you too will wind up not only wrong, but dead. Conventional medicine will never recommend new, cutting-edge types of things that might really help you, it is always a matter of “following the corporate, standard treatments” that haven’t worked ever, but are still recommended because, well because that is what we have been told!
I have always steered clear of fish oil, instead preferring to consume fish instead. Duh. Although I do like to include a good cod liver oil in my smoothies as well.
But now, it appears there is something better, dramatically better actually, and that is emu oil. This is a large, flightless bird native to Australia, and is the oldest bird on the planet, said to be over 1 million years that the breed has been alive! These birds are unique also in that the male emus sit on the eggs the female has laid, for up to 7 weeks, never leaving the nest.
They can do this because of their fat, which supplies everything they need to survive this whole time. This fat, this oil, is what we are talking about here: an oil that can supply everything necessary for life- including water!- for such an extended period of time. Imagine how strong- how vital and loaded with all sorts of nutrients such an oil must be!
And so, I have done a lot of research, and even ordered my emu oil, with great hopes! Not so much for myself, but for those of my tribe, my family and friends, that are not nearly so healthy as me. For, the most amazing thing about this oil is that- it seems to fix the junctures of a leaky gut!
This is so huge, because most of my unhealthy tribal members are unhealthy because… they do not follow my dietary advice. They eat gluten. They suck down sugar as if it is God’s greatest gift! They are therefore broken- almost everyone I know that is over 40 has all kinds of ailments, from psoriasis, to diabetes, to heart disease. And still they refuse to change their ways! I understand how hard it seems, but still…
But now, emu oil, although I’m sure it can’t be a cure-all panacea, still- it seems to work wonders on really ailing people!
Remember, though: just as with American cattle, emus are now being raised worldwide, in deplorable conditions: GMO feed, lots of vaccinations, not in their native habitat! Steer clear of this: get a dependable, Australian source, from a emu variant that is ancestral. The best source I have found is
Beverly Meyer would not steer us wrong! And this supplier is right near me, here in Wisconsin- I think I may have to drive over and meet him, make him part of my tribe!
We shall see. But what I am hearing is that even in folks who do not change their deplorable, SAD diets- they get much better! Their gut heals enough (from taking a few capsules or drops of emu oil per day), that their heart disease goes into remission. The oil rubbed on their body topically cures their joint pain, despite them eating donuts and bread on a regular basis! It even is supposed to help with diabetes!
Again, we shall see. I will experiment on myself, as an experiment of one, but I am not the gold standard test, since I am pretty healthy, overall! What I am fascinated with is that this oil, if what I am researching is true-
Works on sick people eating the Standard American (SAD), horrible diet!
Maybe it is a reverse gateway drug, meaning that people take it, orally and topically, and get vastly better! This makes them think, “Hey, maybe there’s something to this paleo diet thing, maybe I should help myself by changing my diet and lifestyle- just think how great I’d look, feel, and perform then??”
One can only hope! Stay tuned here, at, for constant updates on improving your health and fitness. We are constantly learning, and we hope that you are as well- that is the whole point!

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