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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Is Salt Healthy? Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast

One of the egregious mistakes (among many) of modern medicine and its accompanying dietary advice is that you should limit your salt consumption.

This is right up there with “eat 6 servings of grains per day” and “try to eat as little saturated fat as possible”.
Both are dead wrong!
The only problem with salt is that we are eating processed, devitalized salt, stripped of its many minerals!  Typical, Morton’s types of salt… Real, actual sea salt, contains 5-19 percent or so of other vital minerals.  This is the difference between grass fed beef and corn fed beef- one cut of meat is riddled with disease and hormones, the other is loaded with nutrients!

The real key is to cut out processed foods, (like commercial bread products), that are loaded with fake salt.  Fake salt is what I call it- it is a processed, industrial product that is stripped of any nutrients, by heating it above 1200 degrees, and then laced with chemicals like ferrocyanide and aluminosilicate, to help the salt “flow better”, and to not absorb moisture.

Once you get rid of processed foods (like bread!), you can just eat real foods- like grass fed beef and vegetables- and then just salt to taste, using actual, real, authentic, good-tasting sea salt!  What a concept- real food, and real salt…

Actually, limiting salt will do more harm than good!  Like most of modern nutritional advice, it is dead wrong.  It is not salt, good honest sea salt that is as much of a real food as anything else in nature that is the problem: it is fake, processed salt, along with the rest of the nightmare processed fake foods, like high fructose corn syrup, horrible fake fats like vegetable oils, and GMO grains that are being almost forced down our gullets by our own grain-pushing government- these are what is causing the epidemic of diabesity and autoimmune disease that is destroying the health of our nation, and now the world!

So, make the simplest switch there is: dump your fake salt, and get some quality sea salt- Himalayan, Celtic- whatever!  It tastes better, it is far better for your health, and the cost is quite minimal.

And, while you are at it- get some quality peppercorns, and a mill to grind them fresh!  Nowadays, the little mills are sold cheaply with the peppercorns right in it, at a reasonable price.  Each little grind of pepper makes the nutrients in the food you eat much more available- it’s not just the taste that improves- it’s the nutrition!

Two simple, instant change-ups in your health, done painlessly! Just do it- don’t look up Mayo Clinic health which states that “all salts are identical”.  Remember that they have been co-opted; in other words bought by the pharmaceutical industry, and so are completely committed to being drug pushers.

It’s sad but true: Mayo was founded as a sanitarium that promoted natural healing.  They fed their patients grass-fed dairy, as in the “Milk Cure”.  The milk used was, in all cases, the only kind of milk available in those days—raw milk from pasture-fed cows, rich in butterfat. The treatment is a combination of a detoxifying fast (free of processed foods), and nutrient-dense feeding.

How far they have fallen!  While it is indeed amazing how good Mayo, and all of Western medicine has become at preserving life as it is almost over, as the patient is dying-

They are incredibly bad at prescribing anything that either preserves health, or regains of promotes actual health and wellness.  It has reached the point where health and wellness are not even on their radar.

Relying on medical clinics and doctors for your health is like asking your bartender or corner drug pusher for health advice.  They don’t know- they don’t care!  They have a product they are selling (drugs)- and that is all that they care about.  Oh, and in the case of doctors- surgeries too.

In the words of a song from my 60’s heyday: God Damn the Pusher Man!