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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Get Fat and Sick with Vegetable Oils - Paleo Quick tip of the Day podcast

This isn’t what you’ll read on those pretty bottles of corn, soy, canola, margarine, Crisco, and other toxic vegetable oil products- but it is true nonetheless.
Not only are these oils not “vegetable” in origin, like we’ve been told glibly for years, they are actually from otherwise hard, inedible seeds that have been treated with harsh chemical extraction methods to get a somewhat edible, cheap product out of what would otherwise be nothing more than a machine lubricant. (Which is what margarine originally was).

Pretty much anyone, by now, especially those of a paleo persuasion, are well acquainted with the horrors of sugar and grains, especially wheat. Wheat, in particular, attacked your gut lining, setting you up for autoimmune disease by letting toxins flow from your intestine right into your bloodstream. Not to mention, the wheat you chew, in the form of bread or pasta or- well, almost everything you buy nowadays from the grocery, sticks right to your teeth, digesting the enamel and feeding the bad bacteria that thrive on sugar- because, wheat turns to sugar, right in your mouth.
And then the gluten, and the gliadin, and the insulin spiking sugar is all digested, further helping your fat gain and future sicknesses. Pretty much the perfect storm of ill health.
But, the part of the puzzle that most people, including paleo people, are missing is this: Vegetable Oils account for 30- 60% of the average American’s diet. They are loaded with toxins: if they weren’t chemically treated to deodorize them, they would smell so rancid that you would never touch them, much less eat them, or cook with them. Vegetable oils are all polyunsaturated, which means they cause inflammation throughout the body. And chronic inflammation is caused by free radicals, which cascade around in your system like bandits, causing extensive damage to your cells. And your cells are you.
And so- get soy, canola, corn, peanut and all the rest out of your kitchen. I don’t suppose you eat chips, (I haven’t for years), but lately I found the Kettle brand of potato chip, cooked in avocado oil! This is pretty unusual, though- the vast majority are cooked in canola, which is really rapeseed oil. They came up with a more appealing name for marketing, CANola, since most of this hard, smelly little seed is raised in Canada. Potato chips wouldn’t be all that bad as an occasional treat- if they were cooked in real oils, like the aforementioned avocado, coconut oil, or lard.
But all kinds of packaged cookies, breads, chips- just about everything is cooked in toxic vegetable oils. So, to stay healthy and lean- get these out of your diet!
Also, unfortunately, even in high end restaurants, they might tell you how their beef is grass fed, and their chicken free range- but no one tells you about their salad dressing oils or what kind of oil their meats and veggies are cooked in! So- ask. And make your own salad dressings at home, unless you can find one of the few good ones commercially.
It’s a tough life, being a Paleo Person in a civilized, Neolithic world! We have to embrace it, though, if we want to be lean, healthy, happy and fit.
Nothing truly good comes easily in this life. Nothing.

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