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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Escaping a Cold, and


I, your usually super healthy PaleoJay, have just recovered from a week long bout with a bad cold! It was doubly bad, since I haven’t had any kind of a cold for years now; to the best of my recollection it has been over 6 years since I had a cold that lasted longer than one day. I am just almost never sick, which I ascribe to my lifestyle and nutrition.

But not this time! In fact, I am broadcasting this on a Thursday, when I always broadcast on Wednesdays- I have for years now. However, yesterday, I was pretty much without a voice. But then, last night, I finally slept the night through with no coughing, and today I feel great. It was awful, as I’m sure you can all relate.

But, I’d like to interject here: I also have a new website, called This at least I could kind of do while still being sick, but I would have enjoyed it much more if I had been well… but, this site, along with its accompanying blog, is a bit different from

This is more philosophical, more political, more writing oriented (I’m writing books now), and even some music is involved. I want to demonstrate how to walk the talk, not just to talk it. Tales and discussions around the paleo campfire, if you will. Putting you in touch with great ideas, both of how to live healthily, but also how to live well, morally, and with a purpose.

We all “works in progress”, but here we will term it walks in progress. Just what should we do on this walk through life? It really is the ultimate question, and we will explore it on

And now, let’s go back to PQTD:
I listened to a podcast just today, now that I no longer need it (this time!), by Chris Masterjohn about preventing colds. He goes into everything in excruciating scientific detail, but basically he identified exactly what type of zinc lozenge actually works, by keeping the cold virus from replicating itself. It is Enhanced Zinc Lozenges which you can get here:enhanced zinc lozenges

Years ago, I used to use zinc lozenges after reading about it. The first time I did it, it actually worked!

So, I bought a supply of an orange flavored variety to use, and tried it repeatedly… it never worked, if anything I got sicker than ever. (This was way back before beginning my healthy paleo lifestyle and diet, and so I did get sick just about yearly). It turns out that those candy-flavored ones don’t actually work- you need to take the type with zinc acetate, that taste not-too-good, but actually work!

Chris explains that in his podcast, which you can find here: chris masterjohn podcast

But, for the rough outline, all you need to know is to slowly dissolve a capsule in your mouth for at least 20 minutes at the very first sign of a cold. You can repeat throughout the day a few times, and that should do it- kill your cold!

If you’ve been healthy a long time, as I have, you might be thinking: “Oh, big deal- a cold!” Let me tell you, a bad cold really sucks, and pulls the joy out of a week of your life. If you can avoid it by such an easy method, why not!? I ordered my Enhanced zinc lozenges, and feel empowered whenever the cold virus shall strike! And so I recommend to you, my tribal friends.

And you know what else I discovered? If you work out pretty much every morning, as I do, stretching, doing strength and mobility work along with pushups, hindu squats and situps- you come to take for granted just how good you feel! It seems like a birthright, and when you hear others complain of sore backs, and heads, and shoulders, and- well, just about everything, you think they are making it all up, or at least exaggerating.

They are not! After a week of being able to do little other than some lackadaisical stretching and movement patterns, I felt just awful. And not only from the cold- my body just felt sluggish, only partly alive, as did my brain. I began to see how very important simple exercise and movement is for health again, firsthand!

This morning, I awakened feeling pretty fresh. I went downstairs, set my mat on the ground, and went through my usual routine, maybe a bit lighter in intensity than usual. Although normally I would have done my super-intense multiple set pushup workout on a Thursday, I decided to go light, and maybe do that one tomorrow. Call me gun shy.

And you know what? As I went through the workout, using virtual resistance to flex/pose my muscles through all their range of motion, from head to toe, I felt better and better. I got on my rebounder, and did the same moves with a different end-point and long isometric flex, and I felt even better. Then, getting on the mat and doing my stretches and back-bridge at last, holding it for a couple of minutes for the first time in a week, I felt the energy from the blood entering my head waking me up, as if from a week’s long restless, bad sleep.

I felt like a new man! Why anyone would deny them that feeling of totally living that comes from such a rejuvenating protocol as perfectly paleo types of exercise I don’t understand. It can only be from ignorance, from not realizing just how really good you can look, feel, and perform- for your whole life. Exercise is that important.

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