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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Liberals on Paleo Nutrition

Now that we all have the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in our rear view mirrors, we can take stock of that outcome.  I think it is important to view the election through examination of a subject with which we are very familiar: that of nutrition and health.

If you are in agreement with the paleo precepts, such as those of eating a real foods, no gluten, and indeed lowish carb and grain type of diet, well then- you are in disagreement with the big Federal Agencies!  You know the food pyramid, now “My Plate”, that says to eat lots and lots of whole grains, low fat, lots of things like vegetable oil (or, more accurately industrial seed oils, and to eat little meat and seafood…

Well, if you believe this crap, like Big Government still does (they have strong commercial interests in doing so!), why then you are a Big Government Democrat, like Hillary Clinton and her ilk.  There are lots of reasons for pushing this incorrect world view:

It puts Government in charge of deciding what we should eat!

It puts the Department of Agriculture in a great position to help sell American Grain worldwide!  This helps big, agriculturally subsidized corporate farmers to dominate, and puts small family farms out of business!  It also helps big corporations like Monsanto to dominate agriculture worldwide with GMO, patented seeds, for which they own the rights, and from which you have to buy!

It keeps us all FAT and SICK, which helps Big Pharmaceuticals to sell their products, worldwide.  Think about it: it is in Big Pharma’s business interest to keep us all alive… but sick, so we have to keep buying their expensive drugs, month after month, year after year.  It is in their best interest to keep us addicted to their drugs.  Great Business Model!

The Medical Dogma can reassert, year after year, that we should all move more and eat less.  This, despite the fact that since the 1970’s, everyone has gotten fatter and fatter, sicker and sicker, year after year.

This point of view, if you share it, is the view of DEMOCRATIC LIBERALS. 

NOW, let’s look at small government, traditional Republicans on nutrition:

We should have an agrarian republic!  “Agrarian republicanism" is a political philosophy that stresses the idea that a country populated by free citizens involved in agriculture is the freest, most equal type of society. This idea was advanced most prominently by Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States of America.

This is diametrically opposed to the Big Government Federalism of the Democrats!  Paleo people believe that small, locally owned farms and ranches are fundamental not only to freedom, but to a natural, evolutionarily correct diet for us all.  In fact, we should try to grow as much of our own food in gardens ourselves as we can.  Even our lawn weeds, if we stay away from toxic chemicals like glyphosate, are incredibly nutritious.

We should all KEEP OURSELVES FIT AND HEALTHY, NOT RELYING ON GOVERNMENT OR MEDICAL TREATMENTS, CLINICS AND DRUGS!  All of these are meant to be a last resort, not a normal occurrence.  Medicine cannot really do very much for us at all, since it only treats symptoms, not the underlying disease itself.

ALL of the processed, and fast foods that smother us in this country and now the whole westernized world, should be avoided completely.  GMO’s are poison, and should be regarded as such. 

Self reliance.  Local government and autonomy.  Small government above big.  Republican versus Democrat.  It really is that simple!  The Democratic party, the same party that once propped up the KKK, the party of racism, has “marketed” themselves into a party that promotes BIG GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS TO EVERYTHING!  And, not unsurprisingly, none of their solutions have even come close to working.  Their solution?  MORE OF THE SAME!

This is why the election went as it did.  Republicans have never changed, although they did have a crisis of faith.  They are the party that freed the slaves, the party of the upper midwest.  Wisconsin, actually- the party of Abraham Lincoln.  They have been vilified for the self interest of the Democrats, and the ignorance of voters, many of them corrupted by social programs like welfare, food stamps, and a plethora of others that continually multiply to our detriment as a nation.

It’s time to have small town Main Streets run our country again.  And the small farms that surround those Main Streets!  With small, local control, our towns, our states, our country, and most importantly of all our small farms and ranches can give us back our health, our autonomy, and the control of our own nation!

Bottom line on the election- why Hillary and the Democrats lost in a huge way?

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
-Abraham Lincoln


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