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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Carb Questions

Like everything in Paleo land, we do things differently. It seems that the conventional, standard American diet does everything exactly the opposite of what they should be doing.

They eat wheat and grain, not only do they eat them, but seem to almost bathe in grain products, day and night! Doughnuts and cereal for breakfast, sandwiches at almost every meal, pizza and crackers- the list just goes on and on. Wheat is the worst, what with all of its anti-nutrients and propensity to compromise our guts.

But then, throw in all the other carbs everyone in America consumes, things like chips, and doodles, cakes and pies and french fries…we are swimming in a sea of carbs!
Now, I’m not totally anti-carb- far from it. Depending on your activity level and body fat levels, good carbs like sweet potatoes and white potatoes are wonderful additions to your diet. Especially if you load them up with pastured butter and real sour cream, also from pastured animals. Think of carbs like this as fuel for your perfectly paleo exercise, and also as a way to feed your millions of gut bugs in your micro biome. They need carbs, just not nearly as much as most folks nowadays consume!
But here is the key, the bottom line: Cluster your carbs into the later part of the day. That’s it! Have them with lunch and/or supper, not with breakfast. Once you eat carbs, or especially anything with sugar, such as fruit, your blood sugar goes sky high, and you need to produce insulin to bring the levels back down, and there you go on the sugar/insulin roller coaster, all day long.
So, every time you make the insulin, your blood sugar goes down, and you get hungry again. And again. And again! You find yourself eating all day long, and that is never good. And the solution, again?
Don’t eat carbs early in the day. Eggs and bacon, fine. Orange juice and donuts? The worst thing you can do. Have coffee with coconut oil and cream early on- this really fills you up, and does not spike your blood sugar at all. Work out in the morning it you can- I can attest that I really thrive on that. Then, mid-day or later, have a nice baked potato with your pork chop!
And you know what? Your energy will remain nice and steady throughout the day, and you will feel great, without those feelings of “up” and “down” as your blood sugar spikes and then plummets. You’ll probably turn out like me, since nowadays I do my main workout in the morning, and feel so good that I have another shorter one in the late afternoon! Sometimes I do heavy hands around my woodland paths, or walk with ski poles (leaning into them as I go for upper body resistance). But today, I think I will go down to my basement and do some gymnastic rings work…
Because I just feel so good, eating my carbs later in the day!

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