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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

pqtd #127- Make Health your Hobby!

Western medicine today, although wonderful in crisis situations of acute trauma, is woefully bad when it comes to managing actual health, and in preventing disease!  In going regularly to an MD and getting numerous screenings and tests, you are doing nothing that will actually preserve your health- you will just be tested with numerous expensive procedures that tell very little about your actual health and wellness.  You will also undoubtedly be prescribed numerous prescription drugs, like statins, antidepressants, and high blood pressure medications whether they are really called for or not.

You need to become your own health care provider, in fact- your own doctor!  No one knows the real state of your health better than you yourself, and only you can develop the habits of good, paleo-type of daily nutrition, the stress relief of regular exercise and the rejuvenation of a good nightly sleep.  Those three things: proper ancestral diet, regular ancestral body weight types of exercise, and a good eight or more hours of sleep per night will do far more for you than any expensive prescription drugs, and for free.

I see it as coming down to this: the American Medical Association has devolved into the strongest labor union in the world, with the major goal being to take as much of your money, and that of the health insurance companies and the government as possible.  That has become their literal bottom line!

Not that many years ago, I recall, most hospitals were non-profit.  Even the Mayo clinic used to be a sanitarium where sick people went to be cured of disease with raw milk, fresh air and sunshine, and natural healing methods.  Now, they condemn raw milk, and are the jump to recommend controversial drugs and surgeries as a first resort!  Natural healing is derided by most doctors, and drugs are their answer to everything.

Do your own research- you will soon come to realize how you’ve been misled, since most MD’s today still rely on the outdated stuff they were taught decades ago in medical school, much of which is completely outdated, and proven wrong by the latest research.

You don’t want to be treated with 1970’s science, which has been turned upside down in more recent days.  Low fat, low calorie diets have been shown to be terrible, grains have been altered to the point where diabetes and obesity are rampant, and vegetable oils have been proven to be little better than poison.  Statin drugs have been shown to be far more harmful than beneficial, and most other drugs are little better than band aids that just treat symptoms, leaving your health even more compromised that it was before your took them.

Even many surgeries are just short-term fixes, stents merely propping open a vein for a bit, but leaving you to gradually close it off again with the bad effects of a horrible, standard American diet.  You need to address the root causes of the problem, not just prop yourself up for a while by handing over many thousands of dollars to a medical clinic.

If you brought your car to a garage because the oil pressure light was on, and the mechanic just disconnected the electrical wire to the light so it wouldn’t light up, would that satisfy the problem?  No, you just wouldn’t be aware of anything until your entire engine seized up and died!  But it you go to the doctor, and he prescribes pain medicines, antidepressants, statins, high blood pressure medicine, acid reflux pump inhibitors, and metformin while recommending you get a stent or two put in in the future…
He is doing the same as the mechanic!

He is treating symptoms, and doing nothing to treat the underlying cause of all of these disease symptoms- all of which are reversible.  Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease itself, all autoimmune diseases actually, are all reversible.  Naturally reversible, in fact they are not normal for the human animal at all. 

All that needs to be done is to clean up your diet, sleep, get regular exercise, meditate, walk around in your bare feet, and rejuvenate your gut flora with fermented foods and by avoiding glyphosate.  You need to get out in the sun for vitamin D, and you need a community or “tribe” of like-minded folks to connect with.

It might take a little time for you to turn around your conditions, but just living in such a pleasant, natural manner is really reward enough in and of itself!  “Euphoria” is supposed to be a deliriously happy state, but it really is, in the ancient greek meaning of the word,  just “feeling good and normal.”  If you live as I recommend, particularly in avoiding modern man made food-like substances and eating real, God made foods- why, not only will you look and feel healthy- you will constantly be euphoric!

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