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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Paleo Quick tip of the day #88 Cook your paleo food slowly for fast results!

pqtd 88  Heat your food slowly   

I don’t mean all the time now, no one likes a grilled steak or barbequed chicken or salmon more than me!  But, for those of you who work in an office, or work out of a vehicle (as I did for many, many years)-to get a highly nutritious meal in at work can be really hard, and quite expensive as well!

Restaurant meals are not ideal; even good restaurants that serve what would be paleo friendly types of meals like meats, veggies and salads almost always use bad vegetable oils like soy, canola, and sunflower.  This is pretty much a deal breaker for health, and for me, just driving to and from the place is a time waster leaving me very little time to eat and savor my food!

I have chanced upon the “hot logic mini” lunchbox, and it sounds wonderful- you just put in your food, let’s say meat and veggies, bring it to work (either your office cubicle or your truck), plug it in, and go about your business.  At lunch time, whether it is 2 hours later or 12- your food will be perfectly, slowly cooked! 

The nutrients will all be completely intact, since slow cooking is the very best form of cooking for health, and you don’t need to share an office microwave that is filthy, and that no one ever cleans (except maybe YOU!)...

That is my tip number one of Paleo Quick tip of the Day- here is number two:

Make yourself bone broth in a crock pot! 

This is actually crucial, right up there with getting yourself a Vitamix blender and making a daily paleo green smoothie to fortify your health and life with! 

The difference between bone broth and plain stock is in the length of time the bones are boiled.  A few hours, you have good product: stock.  This is what you can buy in the grocery store. 

Get a good grass fed beef marrow bone, like I did yesterday, and putting it in your crock pot for about 24 hours or longer...that is bone broth, and that is one of the very healthiest things you can put into your body, ever!!

Once a week is a good schedule to shoot for.  Just put your marrow bone (I’ve found that marrow is even better than a plain old soup bone, but both are good), into your crock pot, fill with water, and add a bit of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar in as well, along with a liberal amount of sea salt.

Then, just plug it in, and wait...

You can either just dip it out the next morning and drink it along with your morning coffee and smoothie, or else you can put it into Ball canning jars to store and heat up on a daily basis, 16 oz. at a time, OR- you can turn it into an instant soup!  That’s what I did today-

I added in about 4 oz. of beef stew meat, a pound of carrots, a large sliced onion, and a few sliced potatoes.  (Rice is also good). 

A couple of hours later, I had the best, tastiest, most nutritious soup in the world! 

Bone broth will literally restore your joints with its collagen and mineral-loaded nutrients, and simultaneously fortify your bones as well.  It is inexpensive, simple, easy, and highly effective.  It is very expensive to purchase, and hard to find, but very easy to make yourself!  One of the ultimate lessons of the paleo diet is that we need to learn to live more like our grandparents and great grandparent. 

Eat real food, prepared at home and obtained either by growing it yourself, or from local sources that do.  Steer clear of convenience foods and fast foods, and be like the tortoise.

Slow and steady wins the race, every time!

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