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Sunday, August 9, 2015

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast #109 Rebuild your Exercise Damaged body!

pjsc 109 Rebuild your damaged body

I have said it before, and I will say it again: heavy weight training, endless cardio/aerobics sessions, and even the classic couch potato strategy all can, and usually do, result in the same result- an injured, weak, either just fat or “skinny-fat” body!  They all come to the same, unintended destination- a physique that no one would want, with lots of damage, pain, too much fat tissue, and a predisposition to not ever do anything to aggravate the pain- which means no exercise at all- ever!

Obviously, this is a horrible conclusion.  We all should resolve to be the adult that our 9 year old selves would have wanted!  We should all be-

Active adults, who are proud of our bodies, proud of our physiques, and pleased with what we can do physically!

Pain free.  Sleep well, and have no back, neck, hip, knee, or shoulder pain.

Strong, with a good endurance, and good flexibility.

Free of excessive body fat!

No chronic disease!!!

In the modern age, these seem to be increasingly elusive, if not impossible goals, at least in the public mind.

 Everyone says things like “I’m too old now, I can’t change.”

 And “I have to die of something!”

Here is the thing:

If you exercise with heavy weights, you will become injured.  No exceptions!  I know, I’ve been there.  Perfect form won’t save you.  Low reps won’t save you!  Heavy weights, on a regular basis, just aren’t natural, they aren’t “paleo”, and they aren’t healthy!

Likewise, the endurance sports, like running, triathlon, swimming and bicycling for distance and speed- will destroy your musculature, your joints, and your health, setting you up for cancer, fat storage once you stop (due to injury), and endless pain in later life!

“Oh my GOSH!” you must be saying.  “Why, maybe I should just watch TV and play video games, be a couch potato and save my body!!”

Sorry.  That is the worst option of all!  You will definitely get back pain, and early on, and you are set on a collision course with:

Diabesity, Mental fog, and an early demise!


Perfectly Paleo Exercise!  It’s really kind of a no-brainer, but no one wants to consider it.  You know- how pedestrian!

Bodyweight exercises?  Pushups, sit ups, pull ups?

Simple stretches, self massage and back bridges??

Isometrics???  Self resistance???

And VIRTUAL RESISTANCE EXERCISE, where the muscles generate the resistance internally, creating the same stress as heavy resistance but without the trauma?

It just seems too good to be true.  Especially since it has been common knowledge for thousands of years, throughout virtually every culture.

It’s just not new and different!

Like Cross fit.

I’m kind of sad to bring this up, since the ideal of Cross fit seems so pristine...

But it’s not, not at all.  Cross Fit is a business, first and foremost.  It had a great premise in the beginning: combine the various realms of fitness into a whole!  Add in strength training, combine it with community and the spirit of competition and competitiveness, add in endurance and variety!

Wow- sounds great!

But then, they come up with Cross Fit “games”.  More competition!  People pushing themselves... way too hard!  Add in the pressure from that competition, multiply it to “Win at all costs!”, and we wind up with:


OK- here is my bottom line:

Do not see fitness as a competition!  It’s not a race, it’s not a contest, it’s not the “Hunger Games”!

Just like proper diet, in other words a diet free of processed foods, grain fed industrial meats, and fast foods and excessive carbs-


And this concept can be taken throughout your life.  You can rebuild your damaged body- just do Perfectly Paleo Exercise!  Ditch the weights- throw away your running shoes- just do simple body weight exercise- in particular Virtual Resistance Exercise- this is the most rejuvenative of all!

Stretch and massage yourself as well.  Just as proper diet is really simple, once you understand the basic principles, so is exercise!

Bottom line:  Eliminate Wheat! And GET DOWN AND GIVE ME 20!!

(Or whatever- competition and pressure are irrelevant)

Gradual, persistent, continual progression is the key.  Kill yourself today, look good tomorrow, briefly, is irrelevant. And, winning an exercise competition is... counterproductive, and irrelevant!