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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #67- Paleo Diet for Beginners

Why should you adopt the Paleo Diet?  Well, let’s say this is your goal:  To get healthy, lean and very fit. To be completely disease and symptom free for your entire life without gradual deterioration, and stay happy and productive!

I’m sure anyone would agree that such an outcome would be wonderful! Perhaps you hardly know where to start though…

I can absolutely guarantee that if you will change the way you eat to be more in accordance with our evolutionary heritage, or the way we have adapted to the natural world, you will be MUCH healthier, MUCH leaner, and much HAPPIER than you are right now!  And I maintain that you can make these changes, and reap these fantastic results no matter how old or young you are, no matter what shape you are in now, and that these changes will happen quite rapidly as well!

Ready to get started?

You just have to need to want to make these changes!  Certain bad foods will need to be eliminated from your diet, and hopefully also the diets of your family members as well.  Wouldn’t it be great if not only YOU were healthy and happy for your lifetime, but if your spouse and children were as well??  It can happen, and again, it can happen relatively quickly too.

Most people object to doing new things because of a perception that it will “cost too much” or that it will “take too much time”.  Your new paleo lifestyle will do neither of those things, but will instead save you money by eliminating all money spent on bad, processed foods!  In addition, not driving to fast food joints but instead focusing primarily on home cooked, grilled, and slow cooked foods, you will create a family home life centered around hearth and home, as it has been throughout the vast majority of human history.  You will be going Back to the Future!

Imagine yourself lean and well muscled, right up into old age!  Imagine being able to do things in your 80’s that most people can’t do in their 30’s- you can be healthy fit and happy, without degenerative disease, just be following the Paleo sort of diet- and it’s not that hard!

Once begun, half done as they say: so let’s get started with the ACTION PLAN!

First, I would tell you to give up wheat!

This means bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, anything made from wheat.  Why?  In a word, wheat is not what it was prior to the 1970’s, when the modern form of hyper-productive, gluten loaded wheat was created in a laboratory!  This is not the wheat of the bible, or the waving fields of grain that grew in American farms for our history- this is a twisted Franken-wheat, and it will destroy, inevitably, the lining of your intestines, making you vulnerable to all the modern diseases of degeneration, while at the same time fattening you up like a grain fed farm animal!  So NO WHEAT.

Second, minimize sugar!

Sugar is also horrible in that it spikes your blood sugar, which stimulates insulin to bring it down, which leads to more hunger for more sugar, and a repetition of the cycle, over and over, day after day!
Eventually, the one-two punch of Wheat and Sugar will deliver you into the hands of diabesity, or syndrome X, which is the precurser to all modern disease!  Interestingly, wheat also falls into the sugar category, as it turns to sugar right in your mouth!  YUCK!  And it also kind of sticks as a sugary coating on your teeth and gums… just imagine the dental horrors in your future from that.

I don’t expect you to totally eliminated sugar from your diet, but for the first 30 days or so you really should- then, you will get the fastest results and realize just what kind of harm it was doing to you.  A small piece of good dark chocolate is actually quite good for you- it’s loaded with anti-oxidents after all- but keep it small.

The rest is easy, really:  eat like people did throughout history:
Meat, fish and fowl, raised naturally in the open air and water.  Not in confined animal feeding operations which are little more than animal concentration camps, and infested with disease and bad food- bad for them and for us!  These animals are kept alive with huge amounts of antibiotics and other drugs for the brief time they are kept alive before becoming OUR food- humanely raised, pastured animals and wild game are far better sources of food for us, and for the planet.

LOTS of vegetables- I mean lots!  Cover your heated veggies with loads of pastured butter (Kerry Gold is one, and Organic Valley from here in Southwestern Wisconsin is another).  The very best way to get enough vegetables in your new paleo diet is to make a Paleo Green Smoothie- my recipe is on, but in truth adding a lot of veggies, fresh or frozen into a
can of coconut milk in a Vitamix blender along with some kefir and some berries or other fruit will work no matter what you do!

Fruit is also wonderful, but you can go overboard on fruit- there is one fellow who consumes 36 bananas per day!  Don’t go this route…

There is plenty more about the Paleo or Ancestral lifestyle and diet; in fact so much as it evolves (the paleo movement is NOT static) and as new research comes in, it is incorporated into the ideals of that which we call Paleo!  Conventional medicine right now is all about ignoring new discoveries, and protecting the status quo of big food, big medicine, big government, and big pharma!

Get started on Paleo, and you will stop yourself from being victimized by those big entities- you won’t need their pills and surgeries, because you have learned not to fatten yourself on their fake foods!
Welcome aboard the Paleo Train!

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