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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day- Ezekiel Bread- Yes or No?

pqtd 65  Ezekiel Bread- Is it Really Better?

In a word, yes!  If you are desirous of all of the advantages of a paleo type of diet, such as increased lean-ness, clarity of mind, and becoming vastly less susceptible to modern diseases- but can’t get yourself to completely give up bread- Ezekiel bread is probably the “stepping stone” you need to get un-hooked from gluten!

Of course, there is such a thing now readily available as Gluten Free bread...but remember, gluten free products are also highly refined grains of some sort, and often loaded with preservatives.  Like Ezekiel bread, gluten free items have their place as “stepping stones” away from the wheat of today, which is absolutely loaded with gluten and other anti-nutrients.

The point is this: modern wheat can affect all of us negatively. There are many compounds in wheat gluten that can damage us, including gliadins, gluteomorphins, glutenin, lectins and wheat germ agglutinin.  Gluten free is OK for an occasional treat, but the key word is OCCASIONAL.  Ezekiel bread is the better option!

As Dr. Axe puts it:
“Sprouting and fermenting foods, especially grains and legumes, greatly increases their nutrient content and makes them more easily digestible. But probably most importantly, sprouting grains deactivates important nutrient blockers (antinutrients). (6) This means that compared to breads that haven’t been sprouted, Ezekiel bread’s nutrients are more easily used by the body, and you’re also less likely to experience digestive problems from eating it.
When compared to breads that are made with grains that haven’t been sprouted, sprouted grain breads are the following:
A form of complete protein: Ezekiel bread contains 18 amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, including all nine essential amino acids.
Increase their digestibility: This happens because sprouting breaks down starches in grains and turns them into more easily digested simple sugars.
Increase how well their vitamin and minerals can be absorbed: Sprouting breaks down antinutrients, or the enzyme inhibitors that can interfere with your ability to absorb calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc found in the grains.
Increase the vitamin and mineral concentration: Vitamin C, the B vitamins and vitamin E all become more concentrated when sprouting.
A high source of dietary fiber: Sprouted breads are made using a combination of sprouted whole grains and legumes, both of which have high fiber contents that help digestion and make you feel full.
Ezekiel bread is a much healthier option than most other breads. However, that being said, for most people who are looking to reverse disease or to reach a healthier weight, I usually recommend staying away from grains altogether, at least for a period of time.
Before and after Paleo!
Once you’re able to reach your health-related goals through eating a healing diet, then you can try reintroducing certain whole grains and grain products, like Ezekiel bread for example, back into your diet to see what kind of reaction you have. Some people do better eating grains than others and usually the only way to know if you can tolerate grains, or if you experience any sort of grain-related symptoms such as leaky gut syndrome or gluten sensitivity, is to eliminate them altogether for a period of time.
Once you reintroduce grains, if you find that you can tolerate them well, I always recommend eating grains that have been sprouted and fermented, like Ezekiel bread. These types of grains have many more health benefits and less risks associated with eating them than more refined carbohydrates do.
I also recommend consuming sprouted grains on occasion, as opposed to with every single meal, or as the center of your plate. The same rule goes for Ezekiel bread: It can play a part in an otherwise healthy diet for some people, but it’s best not to think of it as a staple of your diet.”

Thank you Josh Axe- you put it so well, I decided to quote you on that.
And so there you have it- Ezekiel bread can help you get off of standard, modern wheat, and probably not break your health as you do it.  Think of it as methadone to get off of bread though- a temporary crutch to get you off of the heroin that is modern wheat!

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