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Sunday, March 22, 2015

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe #99 You're FAT, because you are STARVING!

I know, that sounds like a contradiction, but bear with me.

If you feed yourself nutrient poor foods, your body does perceive itself as starving.  It is not getting the nutrition it needs for optimal performance and for feeling great- and so, logically, the body cries out for real food- not processed, man made fake food like substances that so many of us subsist on.  The body only knows that it does not have the raw materials it needs to build and keep running the vital processes of the body, and so it calls out for more more more food.

But it you keep on feeding it with bread, and pasta, and soda pop, frozen dinners, pizza and fast foods... why, the body has no choice other than to take nutrients away from “minor” things like hair, skin, muscle, tendon and bone maintenance and rejuvenation, and use them for more vital processes: things like keeping the heart beating, and the brain limping along.  It will take needed protein and calcium away from your muscles and bones to use where needed, causing actual starvation conditions in much of your body!

And your body will take all of those empty, “poor” foods that you take in and, since they are not good for much else, use them to make and store body fat!

It is a triage process.  Where do we really need these nutrients, just to stay alive!?  We will take them wherever we can get them, says the body.  And, it must be really hard, starvation times, since we are not getting enough nutrients to thrive- so it is imperative to store the maximum amount of body fat to ensure survival through these lean times!

This is really how the logic of the human body works.  And so, how do we do the opposite, and encourage our own body and that of our family to function optimally, with the ability to build and restore lean muscle mass, glowing skin and hair, and just a wonderful bodily terrain that can fight off illness, and keep us strong, lean, healthy and feeling great and loaded with vitality!

First, you need to eliminate stressors- things like not enough sleep (this is a real fat encourager), too much stress without down time to regroup and process things, and of course the ultimate stressor of nutrient poor, man made fake foods.  Even too much exercise can be a really negative stress, as also is too little or the wrong kind of exercise.

Exercise such as long distance running will tear down your joints and waste your muscles, and heavy weight lifting will compress your spinal disks, and really do a number on your shoulders, knees, and elbows.  Stick with body weight, virtual and self resisted exercise- Perfectly Paleo Exercise!  Jump on a rebounder daily, do pushups and sit ups, chins and dips and body weight rows on a pair of gymnastic rings.  For maybe 1/2 hour, tops- you will feel invigorated and refreshed, as opposed to long sessions in a gym where you are depleted and worn down!

And above all- eat real, God made foods!  Foods where everything is just as it came from nature- not in a box or a bag, not pasteurized or homogenized, pasture raised not grain fed, and above all no “altered” grains like wheat, or GMO altered like most every other grain, like soy and  corn. Eat butter and cream, LOTS of green vegetables and some berries and citrus, and a limited amount of starchy items such as sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and white rice.  Avoid margarine, corn oil, soy oil, canola oil, and all of the other chemically extracted industrial seed oils that are all around us.  Go for the real deal instead- the butter, and the coconut oil!!  Eat liver from healthy, grass fed animals, and really load up your body with fat- shedding, health promoting, “feel good” nutrition.

Do the above, avoiding the unnatural, and eating LOTS of the natural foods, reduce stress, maximize sleep, and do intense, but brief sessions of exercise daily-

then your body will up-regulate your thyroid and burn fat, build muscle, skin, teeth, bone, and hair health at an amazing rate!

You will feel great, and be lean and fit, with a highly functioning brain and body, because now your body sees it is NOT starving!