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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

pjsc # 95 Going to the Doctor for health, is like going to the Government for wealth!

pjsc 95  Going to the Doctor for health, is like going to the Government for wealth!

Sad, but true!  Most people today really believe that, if they don’t feel well, or even “quite right”- well, just go to the medical doctor- just pick your specialty!- and all will soon be well.  He will either give you the right pill, or injection, or give you the appropriate surgery, and voila- you are cured!

I think folks are finally starting to wake up to the ridiculousness of this general idea, but the truth is this is the way our health care system in America has been running for decades!  YOU are not responsible for your health- M.D.’s are!  So, we all have license to eat whatever we want, drive our bodies into the ground by not sleeping, not resting along with our “tribe” of family and friends, work ourselves endlessly to prove what hard-driver achievers we are- and then go to the medical clinic and say “FIX ME!”

And now, with the stupid Obamacare program, we can even make the Government pay for it!

The trouble is: the Government is US, the U.S., at least those that are the producers: the ones that pay the taxes that fund ridiculous government programs.  Like Obamacare, the government funded school lunch program mandates, and the “My Plate” FDA guidelines of insanity.

If you rely on governmental programs, which are funded by your tax dollars, to tell you how to be and remain healthy and vital- you are deluded.  These are the worst, most self-serving sorts of recommendations- of course, the Food and Drug Administration or FDA is just about protecting corporate interests in the selling of certain foods and drugs.  It has nothing to do with you, or your health.  It is just protecting the interests of huge food interests, such as big dairy, and prohibiting the competition of small, raw dairy producers in competition with huge scale, confined animal feeding operations with unsanitary and inhumane conditions.  And the DRUG enforcement is largely phony baloney- coming out against E-CIGS, that are by and large innocuous, and are a wonderful and very easy way for cigarette smokers to replace their horrible habit with one that is almost identical, and yet completely harmless!  What is not to like there???

And yet, governmental interests, via the FDA and others, are totally against e-cigs, primarily because their unstated intention is to protect the taxation of real cigarettes, which are a huge money maker.


AND, if you think the government will create wealth, or will provide for you in the manner of a rich uncle, you are sadly, sadly mistaken!  Your government will perhaps provide for you, but if you rely on that in the form of welfare, or any other program of governmental dependance, you will be sadly mistaken indeed.

Get on this bad train, and you will be doomed to a life of near total poverty; never having quite enough of anything, and disappointed in every aspect of your life- from control over your circumstances, to the ability to have self determination in your life; to realize your abilities and what you have to offer to your tribe!

In other words: You will never really be YOU!  You’ll only be a shriveled little husk of what “might have been”...

Determine yourself!  Ignore Big Government as much as possible- to quote Jesus: “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s” - in other words: “Give Government what you must, but give what is truly important unto God, your tribe, and yourself!”

Bottom line?

Eat good, nutrient rich, God made foods!  Buy a Vitamix- drink a Paleo green smoothie daily, with good fats and greens and spices.

Exercise daily, with Perfectly Paleo Exercise!  Self resisted exercise, Visualized resistance exercise, stretching, and body weight exercise- gentle and very, very effective.  Check out my e-book Perfectly Paleo Exercise.

Sleep at least 8 hours per night- connect with your tribe of family and friends frequently- meditate or pray daily!

The strange thing is that at least 80% of the health benefits you will achieve are from just those three things!

God made foods!  No processed man made fast food crap.  Lots of greens, and real meats and seafood and good fats like coconut oil and grass fed dairy- a Paleo Smoothie is ideal!

Daily Exercise!  No canned programs like P-90 X or gyms or any other “fake” exercise- just NATURAL, gentle, real exercise- PERFECTLY PALEO EXERCISE!
 From 15-45 minutes per day, max!

Sleep and tribal interaction! Good sleep and talking, playing, and just plain goofing off with your tribal pals is really, really good medicine!!  Praying and meditating are likewise crucial parts of a truly well led life...

A life without big government- a life without big medicine- a life without pain, or endless treatments, or privation!

A Paleo Life!