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Sunday, January 12, 2014

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast #65 Shorten your eating window, and Have a Green, Paleo smoothie- EVERY DAY! AND, listen to simple, basic, calming folk style music to get back in touch with your inner you...

I did an experiment the other day, actually- yesterday!  Although I prepared a MORE than adequate lunch to bring to work, including not just ONE, but THREE quarts of the incredibly nutritious Paleo Smoothie (including resistant starch, gelatin, and TONS of green veggies, kefir, and everything else that Ponce De Leon used to dream about to rejuvenate his life via the “fountain of youth”... I decided to eat, instead- nothing!

Well, I did have a big cup of what I call Paleo Coffee- organic coffee made in my Aerobie coffee press, which you can find on my list of recommended Amazon products at  It is similar to Bulletproof coffee, as touted by Dave Asprey of, but it only contains coconut oil, and whipped cream...

I prefer to put my pastured Kerrygold or Organic Valley butter in my Paleo Smoothie!

But anyway, that is all that I had in the morning, after my Perfectly Paleo workout in front of the TV.  I wanted to see how long it would be until I got hungry, since I normally have a BIG breakfast, including a big green Paleo smoothie, several eggs, and of course, my coconut and whipped cream laden coffee!  And, as per usual, I usually don’t have supper, confining my meals to breakfast and lunch.  Then, I fast until the next day, unlike most paleo folk, who skip breakfast.  That can also be a good strategy, to shorten your “window of eating”, but I believe skipping SUPPER is usually the better idea.

But, regardless, I did NOT get hungry!

As Gomer Pyle, one of my favorite character from old television would have said:

“Surprise, surprise, surprise!!”

I just never got hungry!  It was 9, 10, 11, 12... finally, although I still didn’t feel hungry at all, at around 2 PM, I decided I should eat.  This means I hadn’t eaten at all since about 1:00 the previous day...

I had a tin of sardines... some herring and onions in a cream sauce- delicious!...and I was very full!  So, I left, and had an 8 ounce jar of Paleo smoothie later, not because I was hungry, but because I wanted to MAX OUT MY NUTRITION, just like I maxed out my workout that morning in front of the television!

I think the moral of the story is this:

We live in a world of depleted soil- it is recognized now that foods grown in our present day soil have much less in the way of nutrients than they did even 50 years ago, much less 100.  When our ancestors came to America, the soil was built up to unbelievable levels of fertility- buffalo had roamed and fertilized that plains for eons!  The topsoil was dozens of feet thick with a rich, fertile loam; teeming with life and minerals- earthworms were in their glory, leaving rich castings of nutrients for plants to assimilate...

Fast forward to today, 60 some years after World War 2-

Our soil, especially in the AG BELT of Central Illinois, and Iowa (the corn and soybean belt: Aka “AG LAND”) has been decimated.

That topsoil I spoke of earlier?  It has been reduced to a mere growing medium...

An inert medium (like sand or peat moss) that can support agricultural life, if nutrients are ADDED IN- like nitrogen and potassium, via fossil fuel fertilizers...

But, without those added DRUGS...  this soil is just about cooked!

We have largely, and continue to, destroy our birthright- the fertility of our very land.

Wait- and then- what is the MORAL of this story, again?

If you want to MAX out your nutrition, you will have to eat MORE vegetables than people did in the past!  Our crops don’t have the nutrients anymore that Fonzies did; much less Gomer, or Matt Dillon!  And SO, we have to...  Use LOTS of veggies in a Big Green, Paleo Smoothie to MAX our nutrition to the levels that were easily achieved in the times before the last 50 years!

THIS is why a Vitamix is your best friend, my friend!  Using this simple tool, you not only get the 2 servings of vegetables that you needed 60 years ago- you get 10 or more servings of RAW veggies, that EXCEED the nutrients you would have gotten in the old days, since they are so ground up and BIO-AVAILABLE!  Meaning, of course, that your body can actually USE the nutrients in the food.

This is the #1 way to improve your health, in my opinion, and in that of many others in the Paleo community-


So simple, and yet... so easy!  Just get a Vitamix to “get ‘er done!”

And the other moral?

We don’t need to eat so darn much!!
I mean so many times throughout the day!  If you eat according to the Paleolithic template, meaning hey- you’ve killed a mammoth!  Hurrah!  Let’s eat a lot of (grass fed) meat, lots of (grass fed) organ meats and fat and marrow and brains...(sorry to be graphic, but this IS the PALEO template!)...

You will NOT be hungry for AGES!!

This is just the way it works!  If you are NOT used to eating at McDonald’s, and dosing yourself with bread products (sugar) and sugar products (soda) every hour or so during every waking moment...  you are not broken- you are NOT a “sugar burner”!  A Paleolithic person did not HAVE this option- they were, by default- FAT BURNERS!

So, when they had nothing to eat (NO MC DONALD’S OR CRISPY CREME), they just...


For hours... or days... or even WEEKS!

And it didn’t hurt them a BIT.  Because they could live off of their FAT, which YOU, and I...


The only difference is, their bodies were ADAPTED to it!  They could go without food for long periods of time, since their bodies were TRAINED to use fat for fuel- their bodies did not EXPECT constant streams of SUGAR to be available.

And so, our paleo ancestors (meaning from 50 years ago, really!) could just go on, and on, until they killed another mastodon... NO PROBLEM!

The lesson here?  Eat in brief windows-

Breakfast and lunch? Then a fast until morning?  This works best for me, providing the breakfast and lunch are FULL of Nutrient Density like a Paleo Smoothie, loaded with veggies and ALL that your body could possibly need or want!  Also plenty of good FAT like coconut milk and oil to SATE your appetite so you don’t even think about food!

OR, lunch and supper?  This is another option, and one I use occasionally when I have a day off.

OR... JUST SUPPER?  This is actually quite do-able, if you want to be like the ancient Spartans, and follow the “Warrior Diet” program.  It is quite, uh, SPARTAN, but, if  you want to go this very simple, and yet very productive route- IT WILL WORK VERY VERY WELL!!

Your call, given your goals.  For me, at 61 years old?

Just breakfast and lunch. Easy Peasy!

Lastly, I want to recommend that you listen to simple, rootsy, basic, calming “folk-style” music to get you back to basics!

By this I mean music that is without special effects, synthesizers- all the accoutrements that have taken over modern popular music, to it’s detriment!

I was driving home tonight from work, in the dark, and was listening to our good friend and neighbor John Smith, an acclaimed folk artist on Pandora.  Although I have his songs on mp3’s, Pandora shuffles in similar basic, unaffected, folk music types of performers, and this is really cool!

Many younger folks have never heard music, EVER, that is just- simple, real music!

I mean like one person, their guitar, and a voice!  Or maybe just a VOICE!

And I think that, in a tribal sense, this is very important.  Listen to REAL, basic music!

I don’t care that it’s electrified- that’s fine- I like that quite a bit!  Mine surely is, mostly!

But try to keep it as real as possible.  Listen to
This is simple, and real.

Think Hank Williams.


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