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Monday, August 20, 2012

Be a Paleo Pirate!

In the words of Steve Jobs:

"Wouldn't you rather be a pirate than join the navy?"

I know I would!  

Who wants to march in lockstep, doing what everyone else is doing, the the 1950's man in the grey flannel suit?  Virtually no one wants to think of themselves in that way.

We all want to be out there, carving out our destiny!  

Well, if you adopt the paleo diet and lifestyle, you are doing just that!

Almost no one understands that eating real food, especially good, natural, God-made FATS is incredibly healthy!  The fat soluble vitamins contained in pastured butter and coconut oil; i.e. fat is key to preserving your health, and ironically your leanness as well!

You probably already know this, if you are a Paleo person...

But why not go all the way, and become-


Don't hide your light under a bushel- put lots of real whipped cream in your coffee!    Put pastured butter in your paleo smoothie- flaunt it!  I do, I put in butter (Kerrygold Irish butter is available widely), coconut oil, palm oil- you can even add butter or coconut oil to your morning coffee, along with your whipped cream! BE A PIRATE!  Don't be afraid of the S.A.D. Standard American Diet low fat NAVY PEOPLE!!  They are LOSERS!!

YOU are a PIRATE!!  

Carve out your voyage:  Be defiant- do what you know to be right, nutritionally and physically.  

1. Eat lots of good FATS!  Remember that fat does not become fat on your body- BAD, PROCESSED CARBS become FAT on you body!

2. Do NOT eat "healthy whole grains"!  These do become actual body fat in the worst sense of the word.

3. Do NOT engage in "chronic cardio", or endless sessions of "aerobic style, low intensity, long slow distance types of exercise".  They do nothing except wear down your joints- calorie burning, or, more importantly fat burning is almost nonexistent.  

4.  DO strength training!  Briefly and intensely is perfect!  

5. Do NOT use weights!!  Here is the ultimate piratical notion personified!!!  Almost NO ONE agrees with this, but I am here to tell you- 

You Don't Need Weights!!

Really...  you don't need free weights, you don't need machines, you don't need a gym membership...  I believe that weight lifting is in the same camp as chronic cardio, a recipe to destroy joints, and destroy health long term!  Yikes!  Did I really say that??

To maximize your body's potential, all you need is... drum roll....


Perfectly Paleo Exercise indeed!  Bodyweight exercise, self-resisted exercise, and, the ultimate lynchpin to all of these:

Visualized resistance exercise

Actually, that alone is all that you really require for optimum fitness and body composition, along with proper, paleo diet...

I know, it all sounds crazy- eat fat to lose fat... exercise less, without equipment to optimize your lean body potential...

But it is all true!  

Be a Pirate, Matey!
Ignore the Navy and the mainstream-






hollykate334 said...

I'm a proud paleo pirate! Next theme: Paleo Frogs? :)

marysews said...

My DH was in the Navy (he didn't like it - got out after 22 years - inside joke). He's certain that all the geedunk (junk food), bug juice (kool-aid), and sodas (all full of HFCS) gave him Type 2 diabetes. Since we've cleaned up our eating and gone mostly paleo, he has his diabetes under control - without meds!