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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Real food, real music!

Our modern world has become "disconnected" to reality in the past 50 years or so. This process has been accelerating of late even more, to the extent that:

1. Most modern Americans eat increasingly less and less... REAL FOOD!
Instead, packaged, pasteurized, processed sugars and grains in pretty packages are replacing our traditional diet of meats, fats, vegetables and fruits.

It is amazing how much modern marketing can accomplish, in getting us all to give up what has worked nutritionally for many, many thousands of years! And what has this substitution of foods given us in return?

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, acne, dry skin, failing eyesight and cataracts,,, most of the diseases of modern civilization!

2. Most modern Americans don't produce their own music any more- and what they listen to is not really music, per se! More like "Techno screaming" would be my term for it- nothing like the around-the-campfire, "roots" based singing that has sustained us spiritually since at least Homer's time, and undoubtedly long, long preceding.

Again- hype and marketing can obscure what is really good to us, making us think it is corny or "old fashioned". And what has this substitution of really music given us?

Moral breakdown, crime, idolization of criminals, destruction of the work ethic, family disintegration- all the moral and mental decay of modern civilization!

The solution to both problems is surprisingly simple:

Return to real music, and real food!
So, no wheat and no sugar. No "fake" processed foods. (Colas, juices, etc.)

Likewise, no "rap", hip-hop, or heavy metal; no "techno screaming" fake music.

A good summation is this:
"Don't eat or listen to anything that your great grandparents would not eat or listen to!"

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